Friday, March 19, 2010

Starting a rumour

Recently the War Memorial had an open day at their Mitchell annex. We had been trying to go for several year and this was the first time we had a free afternoon coincide with an open day there.

Most people go out their and take photos of the big stuff they have there. However Taph and I were drawn towards some of the smaller stuff instead.

We spent a little time next to the Furphy water cart and tried to start some rumours. None stuck and a few old timers thought we were there as part of the show.

The Little Japanese Tank saw us doing a lot of Lt Gruber impersonations.

The Salvos van at the war memorial made us think how badly paid our serving forces are, if they need to use a salvos soup kitchen to keep them fed.

However it took every ounce of self control to prevent Taph form picking the old sewing machine up and making a break for it. But she was able to resist the temptation that this sewing machine caused, and we made our way outside.

Most of these pictures were lifted from the Riotact, as many of my pictures did not work.

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