Monday, December 19, 2016

Pie time, 2016

The results for the 2016 Great Australian Pie competition are in. Once again i have summarised the gluten free winners.  

Gluten Free Category Winner

Name Location State Pie Prize
Heavens Bakehouse East Keilor  VIC  GF STEAK CHEESE Gold
Heavens Bakehouse East Keilor  VIC  GF STEAK PEPPER Gold
Heavens Bakehouse East Keilor  VIC  GF STEAK PEPPER Bronze
Mt Barker Country Bakery Mount Barker WA  CURRY BEEF Gold
Nee's High Apple Pies Kinglake West VIC GF APPLE PIE Gold
Nee's High Apple Pies Kinglake West VIC GF APPLE RASBERRY Gold
One Girl Pie Richmond  VIC  CHILLI BEEF BACON Gold
One Girl Pie Richmond  VIC  PULLED PORK AND FENNEL Gold
One Girl Pie Richmond  VIC  BEEF AND BEER Gold
One Girl Pie Richmond  VIC  CHICKEN LEEK Gold
Chris' Bakery Grenfell NSW  GF CHICKEN PUMPKIN Gold
King Valley Fine Foods Wangaratta VIC GF LAMB SHANK Gold
King Valley Fine Foods Wangaratta VIC GF VEGETABLE Gold
King Valley Fine Foods Wangaratta VIC  GF PEPPER BEEF CURRY Gold
Mansfield Bakery P/L Mansfield VIC GF CHEESE BACON Gold
Meldrums Pies in Paradise Cairns  QLD  GF PLAIN  Gold
Beefys Kunda Park QLD GF STEAK Gold
Tassie Pies & Pavs Moonah  TAS  BEEF RED WINE Gold
Tassie Pies & Pavs Moonah  TAS  BEEF RED WINE Bronze

Taph and I have a few pilgrimages to make.  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pie Time.

Since being diagnosed with Coeliacs one of the things I have missed is a good pie.

However this may change soon as I have found the web site for the Great Aussie pie comp, and one of their categories is for Gluten Free Pies

I have known about King Valley Fine Foods for a while, and while Wangaratta is a bit of a distance from Canberra, I have always detoured into the town with an esky on my trip to Melbourne. Now I have a few other places to make a detour to.

The main winner for 2015 is Beefys Pies, from Kunda Park, Queensland for their Steak pies, However, the rest of the winners for 2015 are:
Bakery nameTownStatePie name Award.
Classique GourmetCaringbahNSWGF beef and veg Gold
Penrith Pies & PastriesJamisontownNSWGF chicken Gold
Mountain High PiesWentworth FallsNSWGF lamb rosemary Gold
Beefy's Pies Kunda Park QldGF steak Gold
Heavens BakehouseEast KeilorVICGF steak onion Gold
Heavens BakehouseEast KeilorVICGF Beef Chunky Gold
Heavens BakehouseEast KeilorVICGF Pepper steak Gold
Heavens BakehouseEast KeilorVICGF beef Mince Gold
Red Poppy BakeryHughesdaleVICGF beef pieGold
One Girl PieRichmondVICGF beef and beerGold
One Girl PieRichmondVICGF chicken leekSilver
One Girl PieRichmondVICGF pulled pork fennelGold
San Remo Bakehouse San Remo VIC GF BeefGold
3 boys bakingSorrentoVicGF Chilli con carneGold
3 boys bakingSorrentoVicGF Cauilflower cheeseGold
3 boys bakingSorrentoVicGF chicken leekGold
3 boys bakingSorrentoVicBeef burgundyGold
3 boys bakingSorrentoVicGF BeefSilver
King Valley Fine FoodsWangarattaVICVegetable Baharat Gold
King Valley Fine FoodsWangarattaVICSpicy lamb curry Gold
King Valley Fine FoodsWangarattaVICPortugese chicken Gold

If you are interested, here are the winners from 2014.
Bakery nameTownStatePie name Award.
The Blue Bird CafeLockhartNSWKashmir VegetarianGold
Show n Shine Deli Cafe Bray ParkNSW chicken and mushroomSilver
Show n Shine Deli CafeBray ParkNSW asparagus cheese and cornBronze
Gaffney's BakeryHeathcote VICVICGluten free beefGold
Nee's High Apple PiesKinglake West VIC VICGluten free appleGold
Ardor Food CoThomastownVICVegetable curryBronze
Ardor Food CoThomastownVICbeef and red wineSilver
Ardor Food CoThomastownVICVegetable curryGold
Gluten Free 4 UMoorabbinVICbeefSilver
Heavens BakehouseEast KeilorVICGluten free beefSilver
One Girl PieRichmondVICBeef and beerSilver
One Girl PieRichmondVICPulled pork and fennelSilver
Beefy's PiesKunda Park QLDGluten free steakGold

I can see a few pilgrimages coming up.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

If you want to try us Tony, Bring it on.

Following a union meeting, an announcement was made for people who wanted to attend Bill Shortens' budget reply speech. I went as I figured this was a bucket list sort of thing so i stuck my hand up and said yes please.

It was simple enough. Rock up to Parliament House. Get my name ticked off on the list, and be escorted over to the Opposition Party room These two people were also there, but no names will be mentioned here.

As with any party event, the local members all came and gave a little speech, along with the Deputy leader, Tanya Plibersek.
Kate Lundy addressing the group

Gai Brodtmann. Andrew Leigh also addressed the crowd, but i forgot to take a photo of him

Deputy leader of the ALP, Tanya Plibersek also addresses the gathering

Cameras and mobile phones had to be cloaked before they let us into the visitors’ seats in the chamber, so i have no photos of Bill speech. 

This was the queue to cloak phones, bag and anything else. 

My opinion of the speech. If he is the leader who roared that night, why did it take him so long to come out swinging.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Footy food - Chiefs

The Brumbies were due to up against the Waikato Chiefs and this left us with a decision to make.

Our garden had produced an abundance of zucchinis’. This left us with one option for this series.

Zucchini slice. We used the recipe from, but altered it a little.

We used a Gluten Free flour and we used Salmon rather than Tuna.

Wrapped in al-foil and packed into the Trusty Tupperware, it was still warm at the ground when we ate it at half time.

And as for the game, The Brumbies won 41 to 23.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Footy food – Titans

We are an ecumenical footy family, we support and will attend all codes. This used to include the GWS AFL team, until they stuffed up our season tickets, and then would not call or email us back.

And so, on Sunday afternoon we headed off to GIO Stadium for the first Raiders home game of 2014.

Once again, we had minimal time to prepare food, so we took chicken sandwiches.

Well, these were done the way we like chicken sandwiches.

Chicken breast was sliced thinly, and then pan fried. A tomato was thinly sliced and put into a Trusty Tupperware container. The bread was pre buttered and smeared with some chili plum sauce.

Once again, these were assembled at the ground and eaten with the tomato fresh, and not having had a chance to soak into the bread.

On a scale of one to 10, these were a 6.

And the Game. The Raiders lost 24 – 12. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

iCider. The taste test

I have blogged before about my making cider, and after leaving it to sit for a few months, I decided to give it a taste test.

What can I say, it tasted like a cider should taste, and was very nice.

I deem it to be a success.

If anyone wants to try some, I will happily show you how to make it yourself.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Footy food - Stormers

The next game was the Brumbies v Stormers. This presented us with a problem. Both Taph and I was going to be busy for most of the day and would not be able to cook anything.

We  knew this day was coming, so we went with an old staple of sports stadiums around the work.

Hot dogs in buns.

We got some gluten free hot dog rolls, and used a gluten free pork/lamb sausage frankfurt.
These were cooked at home, and then put into a food thermos for the trip. the buns were per buttered and sauced. some extra sauerkraut was taken in some trusty Tupperware.

These were well received by the people around us, who, on looking at how simple this all was said they were going to try and do this for a future march.

On a scale of one to 10, these were a 6.

And the Game. The Brumbies won 25 – 15.