Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Many Stop Read.

Over the Canberra Day long weekend, Taph and i went down the coast. Taph had to work on the Saturday, but got the Tuesday off in leau, so Sunday morning we packed the car and headed down the coast. Sunday Avo was a relaxing affair on the Beach.

Monday we had some work for I-op to do. The list of Coastal op shops is very bare, so we were going to see if we were able to expand this list, and an account to this trip will be posted on I-op, later. (ok, when i get around to writing it).

However when we look through an op-shop, i am usually finished and waiting for Taph to finish. Usually i find a book of short stories or similar and read while waiting, but on this occasion, we were planning on visiting many shops in the area, so i started reading a book that would be in most of these shops.

Yes, i started reading a Dan Brown Book.

I started it at the Narooma Vinnies, Found another copy and kept reading it at the Narooma United Care shop, and so forth over the rest of the Monday and Tuesday. Tee following weekend i read some more at the Lifeline book fair.

I now have a quest, and will continue to find and read shop copies of this book while waiting.