Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Johnson Brothers Challenge.*

My parents have used a Johnson Brothers dinner set in the Summer Chintz patten for over 20 years.

I stumbled over a Johnson Brothers dinner setting (well a nearly complete setting for four) in the Regency White patten.

I am now looking for the pieces to make a setting for 12, along with the other table setting bits (gravy boats, soup tureens, serving platters, etc) and I want to do this for around $2 a piece (well, i may pay a bit more for soup tureens and serving platters), so dear readers, if you see something, let me know.

As I find pieces I will post photos and the cost. The 14 pieces found today cost $25, and I got 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates, 2 cereal bowls, 2 cups and saucers.

*This is not to be confused with a “Johnson and Johnson Challenge”.

Free Range Money

Well a new financial year is approaching, and it is time to start a new challenge for blog posts.

The Quest for free range money.

Aka, how much money can I find in a year just lying around. I can see four main sources for this income.

  1. shopping trolley deposits – Several supermarkets near I frequent require deposits for the use of their shopping trolleys. Some people do not return them, so these I will take back and collect the money.
  2. Can collecting – Aluminium cans currently have a scrap value of 92 cents per kilo, or about 1c per can.
  3. A great man said “a penny saved is a penny earned” so any shopping fuel discount dockets found, and used (however, not the dockets I get for my shopping) can be considered free range money.
  4. Any coinage (or notes) found in the street are to be included. This also included gifts of money (but not birthday, xmas presents money).

The goal is to prove in these tight financial times, and also that people are wasteful of the recourses around them.

I will report at least monthly on this blog, and more often if I feel like it.