Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pie Time.

Since being diagnosed with Coeliacs one of the things I have missed is a good pie.

However this may change soon as I have found the web site for the Great Aussie pie comp, and one of their categories is for Gluten Free Pies

I have known about King Valley Fine Foods for a while, and while Wangaratta is a bit of a distance from Canberra, I have always detoured into the town with an esky on my trip to Melbourne. Now I have a few other places to make a detour to.

The main winner for 2015 is Beefys Pies, from Kunda Park, Queensland for their Steak pies, However, the rest of the winners for 2015 are:
Bakery nameTownStatePie name Award.
Classique GourmetCaringbahNSWGF beef and veg Gold
Penrith Pies & PastriesJamisontownNSWGF chicken Gold
Mountain High PiesWentworth FallsNSWGF lamb rosemary Gold
Beefy's Pies Kunda Park QldGF steak Gold
Heavens BakehouseEast KeilorVICGF steak onion Gold
Heavens BakehouseEast KeilorVICGF Beef Chunky Gold
Heavens BakehouseEast KeilorVICGF Pepper steak Gold
Heavens BakehouseEast KeilorVICGF beef Mince Gold
Red Poppy BakeryHughesdaleVICGF beef pieGold
One Girl PieRichmondVICGF beef and beerGold
One Girl PieRichmondVICGF chicken leekSilver
One Girl PieRichmondVICGF pulled pork fennelGold
San Remo Bakehouse San Remo VIC GF BeefGold
3 boys bakingSorrentoVicGF Chilli con carneGold
3 boys bakingSorrentoVicGF Cauilflower cheeseGold
3 boys bakingSorrentoVicGF chicken leekGold
3 boys bakingSorrentoVicBeef burgundyGold
3 boys bakingSorrentoVicGF BeefSilver
King Valley Fine FoodsWangarattaVICVegetable Baharat Gold
King Valley Fine FoodsWangarattaVICSpicy lamb curry Gold
King Valley Fine FoodsWangarattaVICPortugese chicken Gold

If you are interested, here are the winners from 2014.
Bakery nameTownStatePie name Award.
The Blue Bird CafeLockhartNSWKashmir VegetarianGold
Show n Shine Deli Cafe Bray ParkNSW chicken and mushroomSilver
Show n Shine Deli CafeBray ParkNSW asparagus cheese and cornBronze
Gaffney's BakeryHeathcote VICVICGluten free beefGold
Nee's High Apple PiesKinglake West VIC VICGluten free appleGold
Ardor Food CoThomastownVICVegetable curryBronze
Ardor Food CoThomastownVICbeef and red wineSilver
Ardor Food CoThomastownVICVegetable curryGold
Gluten Free 4 UMoorabbinVICbeefSilver
Heavens BakehouseEast KeilorVICGluten free beefSilver
One Girl PieRichmondVICBeef and beerSilver
One Girl PieRichmondVICPulled pork and fennelSilver
Beefy's PiesKunda Park QLDGluten free steakGold

I can see a few pilgrimages coming up.

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