Monday, March 8, 2010


In living our lives as frugally as possible, I thought I had set a reasonably low bar, but a couple of Saturday’s ago Taph and I got a gold medal in the 100 metre limbo.

You see, we got food, in bulk,

From the TIP.

It may sound bad, but we did not go dumpster diving. Well it is good to know how much further you can go.

But in our case it is not as bad as it sounds. You see, on Saturday we were going to the R shop, at the Mitchell Waste Transfer station, and I saw a couple of Cherry Tomato plants, just growing wild in the middle of the roundabout there.

After I parked the car, and walked back I noticed several more. In all there were about 10 tomato plants growing wild.

We picked what was ripe, and got the hell out of there, as we were scrumping.

Then we faced the problem of what to do with our ill-gotten gains. We have plenty of tomato chutney and relish from last year. The Fowlers jars are too large for cherry tomatoes, so the best option was to dry them as semi-dried tomatoes with garlic in olive oil. Taph says she has plans to use them in pizza bases.

A search of the Fyshwick markets found us some Australian grown garlic at $15.99 a kilo (we could have bought imported garlic cheaper, but this way we support Australian producers and contribute fewer carbon miles to our Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

We will feel very smug as we eat this first part of our scrumped gains.


  1. There are lots of apple trees on roadside around Bowral and Mittagong. Apples from them are delicious, stewed with just a tiny bit of sugar. Great on untoasted muesli for breakfast. Currently bearing.

  2. I love semidried tomatoes! I've already warned Taph, be careful or I'm coming to visit!! LOL