Monday, November 2, 2009

How time flies

It has been nearly a month since i blogged, and a few milestones have passed in my free range money challenge.

1. I passed the $10 mark for cans collected. In fact i am now approaching the $15 mark. I only need 65 cans and if i can keep my average of 10 cans a day going i will pass this total soon.
2 I passed the $60 total in my challenge.

I have decided to no longer keep the money as coins in my home. While Jars of 5 and 10 cent pieces made for a nice photo, i found the concept of keeping (and advertising) that i had that much money lying around my house to be a poor idea. While $60 is not much money (in the scale of things), if i can make $60 in four months, then by the end of this challenge i will have around $200 in small change at my house (and you would not want to go advertising that you had that much money in lying around).

I also have to come clean here. Not all the cans i get are ones i find lying in the street. A couple of friends drink large amounts of brown fizzy drink and they pass their empty cans on to me. I will not mention which makers of brown fizzy drink they drink, however if these fizzy drink makers want to sponsor me i will give them a plug.

But about half the cans in my totals ido find, so the search continues. And my dog enjoys the walks.