Monday, September 27, 2010

Op-Shopping on Family and Community Day

On Monday we were faced with a public holiday in Canberra but across the border it was a normal working day.

Hooray Taph said. Let’s go op-shopping across the border.

So we piled into the sub-zero, and set a course for Queanbeyan. Our first stop was the Red Shield Store on Morrisett Street.

Fate seems to shine on us as we got rock-star parking outside the door. However the fate gods left us as there was nothing there that followed us home. However, they do have a good supply of 4xl and 6xl Mens S/S Shirts.

We did a short walk to the Salvos Store, and all we found there was a Country road linen shirt and a jar.

Feeling that the Frugaling gods would shine on us at our next two stops, we moved the car closer, and were rewarded with another Rock-Star Car Park.

Taph picked up a jumper, and a vintage knitting patten. I found a CD for the Collection.

But our luck ran out at Bargin Hunter, and we left empty handed.

We had a quick Brunch at the Central Café as we shared a Big Breakfast.

A quick visit to SpotLight for some needles, also turned up some bargain wool.

We were finished in Queanbeyan by 12, so we set course for Cooma.

Our first visit was to the Red Shield store. For the grand total of $10 we got a shirt each, a Tupperware mixing bowl, some genuine Croqs and a selection of knitting patterns.

We headed down to the Vinnies and got a Book, Shirt and knitting pattern.

We decided the day was still young, and Adaminaby was 30 minutes away. The cruise control on the Sub-Zero got us there well before closing.

It is easy to find, there is one main shopping street, and it is supporting the Snowy Mountains Museum.

We had a lovely time inside. I picked up a pair of xc-skis for $5. The Bases are shot, but I will use the bindings on another pair of skis.

Taph got a pure wool jumper, Tupperware rock and serve, Cheese knives and a cook book. All up this cost us $11.50.

We took the back road home via Namadgi national park. It is a lovely road, but don’t do it if you are in a hurry.

Lifeline Book Fair

Sunday was the lifeline book fair. To Taph and me Sunday is the day to go as after 2pm they mark down the books to $10 a bag (or $15 if they decide your bag is “bigger than an average supermarket bag).

We had a somewhat quiet day only returning with two bags full.

I will show you my stash at the end of this post, but a couple of things first.

In my search of the books I found 16 copies of “Dan Browns: The Da Vinci Code” Could there have been a bigger piece of pulp fiction ever written?

Well maybe by John Grisham, or Tom Clancy. There were numerous copies of their books there, but there did not appear to be 16 copies of any one of their titles there.

However in my search, i only found one book by Michael Moore.

Anyway here is a photo of my stash from today.

A quick poll for readers. What is the collective noun for a stack of “Dan Browns: The Da Vinci Code”. A couple of ideas are A Conspiracy, A Pulp or A Pyre? If you can think of anything that seems appropriate post it. The best suggestion posted by 3 October 2010 will win a prize. (it may or may not include a copy of Da Vinci Code).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Whiskey live 2010 pt 2

We arrived at Randwick racecourse shortly after Whiskey live opened.

Usually i have a saying, "when confronted with a choice of two evils, choose the one you have not tried before".

On this night, that gave me a problem. I was going to try and sample all the whiskey there, that i had not tried before.

A little while later I realised that i set myself an ill fated goal. It would not be possible to try and taste all the whiskeys there that i had not tasted before.

I set myself this goal before i realised the sheer number of whiskies that would be available, however, I gave this goal a valiant effort, but was overcome by the sheer numbers of whiskeys there.

I was faced with a challenge that not even Don Quixote would accept.

I had a little break while doing a masterclass on the effects of Oak, only to be confronted by more whiskies back in the main hall.

By this stage the night got a little hazie, so i will finish by saying it was a wonderful night.

And i am waiting with a baited breath for whiskey live 2011.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Whiskey live 2010

So a couple of weeks ago, Rocky Wobbly and myself decide to go on a road trip.

We head off for Sydney for the weekend (
and Whiskey live 2.0
or 2010).

Our first stop was at Truckstop 31 at Marulan.
The restaurant there used to do great meals, however it recently changed hands, and the food is even better now.

After checking into our hotel, we ventured out to Coggee oval to watch Randwick take on Eastwood. Alas it was not a good day for the boys in Green as they went down 40-14.

However there was no time to rest after the game, as it was quickly back to the hotel, and take the 15 minute walk to Randwick racecourse for whiskey live.

This i will pick up in part two of my story.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the johnson search continues

A recent visit to Vinnies in Belconnen found me these items.

I left the saucers, but i picked up the Tea set. When fate hands you something like this, it is best to grab hold.