Thursday, March 11, 2010

F.I.G. J.A.M.

Taph and I know the location of a fig tree that hides in plain sight, so recently, over a few days, when the figs were ripe, we collected the fruit from it.

In all we got about six kilos of ripe figs from this tree, so Taph and I spent the weekend turning this into Fig Jam, and a very nice Fig and Goat Cheese Tart that we had for dinner on Sunday.
In all it cost us around $10 for the spices (gee, vanilla beans are expensive from the supermarkets. Does anyone know of a cheaper option), but we have a good supply of Fig Jam. We are also open to swaps, so let us know if you have some homemade condiments to swap.


  1. You will NEVER!! eat all that wonderful fig jam now I live lol lol!! just kidding I am so proud of you doing that........I have amonds and quince out in our paddocks and they are my secret!

    So lovely to be back blogging and watching your next move on saving! lol lol.


  2. Do I have the vanilla beans for you! The ANU Food Co-op sells bulk vanilla beans. Don't be frightened by the price on the jar, which is someting like $420 a kilo; you'll pay less than $1.50 per bean. If you join, you'll get a 10% discount, and if you do one hour's work a month you'll get a 20% discount. And the quality is outstanding.

    Yes, I really love the co-op! Check out