Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Heaven came to Canberra

I have written much about my previous trips away for whiskey shows.

Well, whiskeylive came to Canberra.

I bought tickets as soon as they were available, and wild horses would not be able to keep me away.

there were an excellent selection of whiskies available, and many were sampled.

There were a number of Australian whiskies available were were sampled and well liked.

The only down side of whiskey live Canberra was it did not have any master classes
I like the masterclasses, they give you a chance to sit down, pace your drinking a bit better, and hopefully learn something. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Moving my Johnson

Part of the process of moving is to pack up the dinner setting. This meant i will get to see just how big my Johnson is.

Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin i marched through the house playing my flute, and the Johnson followed me.

ok, really, i went from room to room, searching through the wardrobes, cupboards, and sideboards, searching for where i had stashed pieces of the setting.

The final result was staggering.

but wait, there's more,

and then hidden in another room, overlooked in the first sweep, i found another box.

damm, my Johnson collection is big.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The second lot.

Not too much else has been happening.

Work was asking if people wanted to move interstate, so I stuck my hand up for a move to our Melbourne Office.

With the wedding and other things, we didn't want to move immediately, which my work was happy with. And then I started looking at the lay of how things were progressing. People who I know were wanting to move and were given moving dates were still showing up in the Canberra Office.

The Federal Budget came and went, and my Department had even less money to operate with. Projects that were supposed to be moving were delayed. And one day Taph asked me the words I was dreading. "How many people could I name, that had successfully moved". And I could only come up with three names. That's not to say that people who I didn't know had successfully moved. In an office of between 1,000 and 4,000 people* that is possible, but I could only put my finger on three people, and two of them were a very iffy story.

Then one day, a friend had Taph and I door-knocking for the Salvos Red Shield appeal. It's hard to say what came over us. We had finished door knocking for an area, and were walking back to the car, when we passed an agent setting up for an open house. 

Well, one thing lead to another, and a week later this was the result.

After five years of weekend cohabitation, we now are moving in together, and with our own little mortgage.

* Sorry I have to be vague, as I don't really want to post here what agency I work for

Thursday, August 1, 2013

First the overseas trip

As I said before, much has happened.

Old Flame Junior (OFJ) got married to Old Flame Junior Hubby (OFJH), and OFJH is from Singapore. He has family over there who could not make it to the wedding in Canberra, 
OFJH-father, OFJH, OFJ, OFJH-mother, OF-Mother and Of-Father

so we all hopped on a plane 

Taph, and traveling mascot @ Sydney airport on Boxing day. Damm we missed the Cricket. 

and went to Singapore for the second wedding.

We had a lovely time, drank a Gin Sling at Raffels,

Visited the usual tourist places,

And enjoyed playing tourist.
Singapore mud crab

The things that struck me about it was just how sterile it was. In all the time we were there we saw less than half a dozen flies, and less than a dozen birds. And they were mostly Crows, Minor Birds and one very confused pigeon.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Damm, time flies

Damm time flies. I look up at the clock and realise that it has been over six months since i have posted.

Well much has happened, and i will have to get typing and do a few posts about it.

So stay tuned for now.