Sunday, March 29, 2009

We did not do any Dame Edna impersonations

On Sunday morning Taph and I went for a drive through North Watson, and we found this little possum sitting, in a daze on the front step of a house that was being built.

We decided to try and move him, but our attempt with towels did not work so well. Taph was left with a couple of scratch and bite marks. I was sporting a several horrible gashes on the hand. We finally managed to secure him in a towel, and took him over to some trees near by. He took one look at the trees and went and curled up in the towel again.

At his point we figured, Vet, but how should we get him there. Without a box to put him in it was going to be a risky trip, but wrapping him up tightly in a towel, we set off (we figured if we keep the windows open if he starts to get agitated, we could throw him out the window.

The trip to the vet's was uneventful, but when we pulled up in the car park, he went out the window and under the car.

With help from the Staff at the Vet's, we tried to get him out from under the car, but he bolted up the nearest tree. The vet staff said they would keep an eye on him throughout the day. They also said that if we were able to catch him, then something was up with him.

This other possum is just one I found and photographed one day in Commonwealth Park. I went into these toilets and while doing my business I felt some one was watching me. I turned around to find it was this fellow.

So do not be confused, They may look cute, but possums are vicious creatures and perverts to boot.


  1. Damn, that's an ugly looking animal. I admit that I haven't seen an "up and running" possum in some time (most of the ones I see are rather flat, very still and in the road)

    But go look here and see our possums
    They're cuter than yours!!!

  2. We have one in the roof at present, so add bloody noisy to the list.