Friday, March 20, 2009

How to tell if he loves you?

How to tell if he loves you? Well that is simple, he buys you wool. You see, i work across the road from a major shopping centre, and during some lunch breaks, i go for a wander through certain shops at this mall.

Some times, i am looking for nothing special, other times i have a focus and a specific mission. While on these shopping forays, Taph has given me "Standing Orders" that if i spy a perticilar make / brand wool for under a specific price, then i have to grab it.

Well in K-Mart i spied a few balls of "Holiday" 8 ply wool blend marked down to 80c a ball. A quick phone call to Taph confirmed the buy option on these. Well i grabbed the balls i originally spied, and then noticed a few other balls in other colours. And then other balls in other spots.

It was only when i got to the checkout i realised i had a shopping trolley full of wool balls, and it was only after going through the checkout i realised the size of the stash. All 116 balls worth, but at 80 cents a ball, it was not all that expensive.

As i was leaving a little old lady asked how much the balls were?

"80 cents each" was my reply.

"is there any left" she asked.

I said back to her, "I think i found it all", but she still disappeared back into the shop.


  1. And I bet you got a few looks as a chap prancing through Kmart with a shopping trolley full of wool :-)

  2. No, I was manfully striding and trying to emit as much testosterone as was humanly possible

  3. Oh yes - that is definitely love (and I don't think my husbeast would have even noticed it! - sigh!)

    well done -= I can smell the manly testosterone from here!