Sunday, March 15, 2009

Seven things week 9

Well I started on the cupboard of shame. The results can be seen here. Next stop is either the bag room of shame, or the linen closet of shame.

Curtain Tassells - two sets
Tupperware - 2

Bag of coathangers - This is a different bag to last week (OFJ had a number of childs size hangers, these are now out).
Box of old paperwork.
Acrylic jumpers - 6

Useless woollen jumpers - 5 (rejected by Taff)
Acrylic vests - 2
Sloppy joes - 4
Track pant
Bed protector
Polo shirt 2
Caps - 5

In 5
Out 30

Total for 2009
In - 50
Out - 181

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