Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Momma told me, you got-ta shop around

While at Aussie Junk on Sunday with Taph, she saw that they had the bottom of a Tupperware microwave steamer. We gave Aussie Junk a fair looking over for the rest of it, but to no avail, so we left it there figuring we would never find the rest of it.

Predictions like that and me never seem to go well, and on Tuesday I was at Salvos in Belconnen, and "strike me pink", they had the top half of the steamer. A quick trip to Aussie junk in Mitchell followed, and behold, one complete Tupperware microwave steamer. total cost (not counting petrol) under $5.

But wait, there is more.

On Friday i called into Salvos Belconnen again, and while ferreting around i found many orphan Tupperware lids. I made a short trip to Second Chance, where i found an orphan Tupperware bottom, that i realised matched one of the orphan tops at Salvos.

When op shopping it always pays to remember the mismatched junk you find at other shops.

If anyone wants a Tea for Two teapot and two matching cups (with you and me written on them), then the Teapot is at Salvos Belconnen, and the cups are at Aussie Junk Mitchell (or at least they were last time i looked).

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  1. When I next visit Canberra, I am going to follow you and Taph around when you go OP-shopping.