Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vale Muffin

Vale to Muffin, the notorious sock stealer.

Those that know me know that the "Old Flame Junior" has a couple of pet Carpet Sharks (aka Ferrets). We started off with one Carpet Shark, the bossy little Sammy, and shortly after we discovered that Carpets Sharks are a social animal, and you should not keep just one, but at a minimum you need two. This is because the have sharp claws and even sharper teeth and the love to play. They do this with each other, and failing that with any thing else in the house that moves.

So for several years we had a business of just two Carpet Sharks until Nutters passed away. It was after this that we acquired Muffin, the brazen little sock stealer. She was brazen enough to try and steal you socks as you were putting them on. and there was no sitting in the house wearing just socks as she would claim these are her own and try to remove them from your feet, and stash them somewhere.

In August a friend rang and asked if we could look after a couple more. So we have six carpet sharks roaming the house, and Muffin found herself last in the household pecking order. Her personality changed, and she stopped being a sock stealer, and started just hiding around the house more.
For the past few week she has been very lethargic (well it has been hot) and when i left for work this morning she came out and ate some breakfast, along with the other Sharks.
However during lunch, i got a call from Old Flame Junior, to say that Muffin was dead. She had not moved far from her breakfast.

The Old flame Junior with the six Carpet sharks. They are l-r Muffen, Jack, Boof, Lola (smiling), Sammy and Chelsea,

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