Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Footy food – Titans

We are an ecumenical footy family, we support and will attend all codes. This used to include the GWS AFL team, until they stuffed up our season tickets, and then would not call or email us back.

And so, on Sunday afternoon we headed off to GIO Stadium for the first Raiders home game of 2014.

Once again, we had minimal time to prepare food, so we took chicken sandwiches.

Well, these were done the way we like chicken sandwiches.

Chicken breast was sliced thinly, and then pan fried. A tomato was thinly sliced and put into a Trusty Tupperware container. The bread was pre buttered and smeared with some chili plum sauce.

Once again, these were assembled at the ground and eaten with the tomato fresh, and not having had a chance to soak into the bread.

On a scale of one to 10, these were a 6.

And the Game. The Raiders lost 24 – 12. 

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