Sunday, March 23, 2014

Footy food - Stormers

The next game was the Brumbies v Stormers. This presented us with a problem. Both Taph and I was going to be busy for most of the day and would not be able to cook anything.

We  knew this day was coming, so we went with an old staple of sports stadiums around the work.

Hot dogs in buns.

We got some gluten free hot dog rolls, and used a gluten free pork/lamb sausage frankfurt.
These were cooked at home, and then put into a food thermos for the trip. the buns were per buttered and sauced. some extra sauerkraut was taken in some trusty Tupperware.

These were well received by the people around us, who, on looking at how simple this all was said they were going to try and do this for a future march.

On a scale of one to 10, these were a 6.

And the Game. The Brumbies won 25 – 15. 

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