Saturday, August 3, 2013

The second lot.

Not too much else has been happening.

Work was asking if people wanted to move interstate, so I stuck my hand up for a move to our Melbourne Office.

With the wedding and other things, we didn't want to move immediately, which my work was happy with. And then I started looking at the lay of how things were progressing. People who I know were wanting to move and were given moving dates were still showing up in the Canberra Office.

The Federal Budget came and went, and my Department had even less money to operate with. Projects that were supposed to be moving were delayed. And one day Taph asked me the words I was dreading. "How many people could I name, that had successfully moved". And I could only come up with three names. That's not to say that people who I didn't know had successfully moved. In an office of between 1,000 and 4,000 people* that is possible, but I could only put my finger on three people, and two of them were a very iffy story.

Then one day, a friend had Taph and I door-knocking for the Salvos Red Shield appeal. It's hard to say what came over us. We had finished door knocking for an area, and were walking back to the car, when we passed an agent setting up for an open house. 

Well, one thing lead to another, and a week later this was the result.

After five years of weekend cohabitation, we now are moving in together, and with our own little mortgage.

* Sorry I have to be vague, as I don't really want to post here what agency I work for

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