Thursday, August 1, 2013

First the overseas trip

As I said before, much has happened.

Old Flame Junior (OFJ) got married to Old Flame Junior Hubby (OFJH), and OFJH is from Singapore. He has family over there who could not make it to the wedding in Canberra, 
OFJH-father, OFJH, OFJ, OFJH-mother, OF-Mother and Of-Father

so we all hopped on a plane 

Taph, and traveling mascot @ Sydney airport on Boxing day. Damm we missed the Cricket. 

and went to Singapore for the second wedding.

We had a lovely time, drank a Gin Sling at Raffels,

Visited the usual tourist places,

And enjoyed playing tourist.
Singapore mud crab

The things that struck me about it was just how sterile it was. In all the time we were there we saw less than half a dozen flies, and less than a dozen birds. And they were mostly Crows, Minor Birds and one very confused pigeon.

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