Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wine Wool and Wugby tour - part 2

In July, Taph and I went on our Australian Wine Wool and Wugby tour of Australia. We managed to catch three internationals

The Australia v Scotland match in Newcastle

The Brumbies v Wales game in Canberra, and

And the Australia v Wales game in Melbourne.

After last years trip to New Zealand, I was reflecting on the number of times I had been at an international, and what team I had seen the most. In the 03 world cup, Italy had made Canberra its home base, and I had caught two of their games. I had also been to one of their games in the 90s.

That, with the two Italian games attended in New Zealand, meant it was a tie between Australia and Italy.

This would not do, so we caught to Australian internationals to keep Australia ahead.

Of course, now Wales are tied with Italy. 

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