Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ahh, whiskey

Taph and I took off for Sydney for the 2012 Sydney Whiskey fair. 

 We met Rocky and Wobbly up there. 

Along with an old friend of Taphs, David. 

 They had about 100 different whiskies there, along with a number of other distilled spirits. 

 In keeping with the Scottish theme, they also piped in a haggis. The haggis was nice, the “ode to the haggis” was well preformed, but the bagpipe was played in a very small room. 

 At least there was only one bagpipe, unlike the Australia v Scotland rugby match that Taph and I went to in Newcastle.

* And some of these photos I have borrowed from the Sydney Whiskey Fairs website.

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