Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Growing My Johnson

I have had a couple of successes in my Johnson challenge. To start with, i was in Salvos Mitchell a couple of weeks ago, and i was gobsmacked when i saw a Coffee pot behind the counter. My heart was set racing when i as i looked at it and saw, that there was no staining inside it, so it must have been unused. And it had no price tag on it.

My conversation with the sales staff there went something like this.

"damm, it does not have a price tag on it, how much do you want for it?"

"About $7."

Put my best poker face on, and count to five. "mmm, do you have any other matching pieces back there?"

She has a quick look, "Nope"

"Well i guess i will take it."

So i now have a Johnson Brothers Regency White Coffee Pot for my collection.

I have picked up some other bits, but i will talk about them in a later blog.

My Teapot (that i bought retail) and my Coffee Pot.

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