Monday, February 16, 2009

Seven things challenge Wk 5

Book (Second hand market)
Tupperware (vinnies)
Cookbook (free with newspaper)
cds (free with newspaper)

Toaster (broken - landfill)
shoes (still good, were given to me before christmas, but only now have i tried them on, dahm too small - vinnies)

In - 4
Out - 2

Dam, a poor week for outs, but in a couple of weeks time, i will get into the room of shame and that should improve my out ratio. I know you all think it is odd that i am counting out a toaster without counting one in, but last year Aldi had toasters etc for $8, so i had a spare in the cupboard. I still have a spare kettle in the cupboard.

total for 2009
Total in 28
Total out 38

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