Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Day. what not to get.

When i started writing for this blog, i was going to try and bring a mans perspective into the mix of the other blog writers. On this front i have not succeeded (although i have a number of half finished articles on my computer).

However, the day that causes the most problems for men is rapidly approaching. That is right, Love Day is this Saturday.

Girls, how many times have you looked at the present your other half gives you on love day, and wanted to club him into submission with the nearest heavy object.

So guys, here are the list of common "Love Day" presents, and what they really mean to your loved one.

  • Flowers: given on Love Day. I forgot what day it was, and picked these up on the way home.
  • Flowers: given on Love Day eve. Damn, i got my days wrong, and picked these up on the way home.
  • Chocolates: I am uncreative and did not know what to get you, so i went for the traditional gift. I will have my hot cocoa before i go to bed.
  • Chocolates in a heart shaped box: I am uncreative and will wear a cardigan while drinking a hot cocoa , and I might keep my socks on in bed.
  • Spa booking or Spa gift certificate: I am out of ideas and figure this is one step above a shop gift card.
  • Kitchen or Other Household Appliances: Our Romance is dead, Do we have a pre-nup in place?
  • Lingerie: First the basics, if it is red/black/white and Nylon, then keep a safety helmet handy. In fact put it on first (the Safety Helmet), as she will be looking for a heavy object to bash you with if it is red/black/white and Nylon. I know you only intend on her wearing it for 5 minutes, but go for material that is sensual and sexy to wear, not cheap as chips and about as comfy (think about it, would you wear a pair of boxers made out of this).

Follow these ideas when buying your love day present and who knows what will happen on the evening of love day.

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  1. You forgot:

    * Cute cuddly toys holding hearts saying "I wub you": I think you're a child.
    * Supersized cuddly toys that take over half the room: I have more money than sense and want to be made redundant in this relationship.
    *Smelly shit (chain store or dollar store bath sets): You stink and I stink for not realising how much of an insult this can be perceived as.
    And a hint: keep away from the lingerie. It's a minefield.)