Tuesday, January 21, 2014


When we moved into the new house, one of its biggest selling points were the number of established fruit trees.

Now we have a problem, we have two apple trees full of ripe apples, and what do we do with them all.

A few quick internet searches showed us how easy it is to do hard (Alcoholic) apple cider.

Easy, yes, Time consuming, YES.

pick the apples, grate the apples through a food processor and then put the apples in a fruit press, or cook the apples in water.

Sieve the pulp, and put in big fermenters, and wait three weeks.

of course, for these efforts we have 60 litres of hard apple cider brewing in the garage.

As for the left over pulp, well we have 15 litres of stewed apples, and 10 litres of an apple chutney.

and this is from two trees. we still have two trees left that are late ripeners. 

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