Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An update.

It has been a little while since I blogged, however with so many things have been happening, and not happening it has been hard to write.

First to the not happening. The paving project is progressing extremely slowly.

This is because I was able to sprain both my thumbs. (but luckily, not at the same time).

A lot of the pavers have bits of concrete stuck to them, so most evenings in the summer I was outside with a hammer and chisel, cleaning the pavers up. The problem was I did not like wearing a glove on the hand I was holding the hammer with. I felt like I lost too much control over the hammer, so I just wore the glove on my other hand.

And this hand ended up doing all the work in moving the clay pavers, which weighed around 2 kilos each, and the ligaments in that thumb got sprained.

As for how I sprained the other thumb, there is even less of a story there. I just fell off my bike. The front wheel got trapped in a little drainage culvert, and I was trying to turn, and the wheel didn't.

As an accident, it was so unspectacular that if there was a video recording of it, it would note even have been considered for a weekly prize in Funniest Home Videos. However it was enough to result in my hand being strapped for a week and a bit, and a sore thumb for a few weeks.

The photos don't show the full full purple hue that encompassed my hand, as that details was lost in the flash of the camera.

As for the other things that are happening, well stay tuned.

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