Sunday, December 26, 2010

Be careful of what you wish for

One of my neighbours was having their paved driveway removed, and replaced with a concreted driveway. He put a few little piles of pavers out the front , with a sign on them of "Free, please take away".

After i have taken three piles away, i asked him how much more was he planning on doing.

He pointed over to a paved driveway, and said he was getting in a bobcat to dig it up, and they were going to the tip.

At that point we agreed that i would take the lot, and he could get the bobcat driver to drop them on my yard.
When i agreed to this, i had no idea there was going to be this many pavers.

However after a few days, Taph and i were able to sort them into several piles. Good pavers, Dirty pavers that needed cleaning, and pavers that we would hang on in case we needed any half pavers.

Inorder to make the cleaning easier, i made myself an alter of frugality. a raised platform of stacked pavers that i could use as a workbench to clean the dirty ones on. Now i am out front on most nights chiseling off the bits of concrete and dirt.
It's a big job, but i have most of the Christmas break to do this in. I will have to wait until after Christmas to get a bobcat in to dig out the area where i want the pavers to go, as i doubt i will get one over Christmas.

I will post some more updates as we go along.

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