Monday, November 15, 2010


My work decided that i had to visit our Melbourne office for 3 days, so i figured this was a chance to explore in my off duty hours.

In my time there, i headed down to St Kilda, had dinner and watched the sun set over the bay.

A wander down Bourke St showed that Myer were in the process of putting up their Christmas Windows.

On the next night we went out for dinner in Chinatown. Don't ask me where we went. i cannot find it on google maps, but it was a delightful little dumpling place behind Her Majesty's Theatre on Little Bourke St.

On our way out of town we had an hour of so to kill waiting at the airport for our flights, however i did spot Adam Spencer in the Qantas lounge. It was a pity that i had not stunt knitting with me so i could do a proper Kineer* of him, but this was the best photo i could do.

And of course a visit to Melbourne, or Adelaide is not complete without a visit to a Haigh's chocolate shop.

* "kineered" or "kineering" is a Yarn Harlot term (and my loose use) for sneaking a photo of someone/thing, I think. I might be mis-using the term (and possibly mis-spelling it).


  1. I knew what you meant .. but it is kinnear for Greg Kennear ... who the YH Kinneared.

  2. I think I Kinneared myself. What a hard name to spell!