Friday, October 8, 2010

Yass and Yarrh

In my house the October long weekend does not mean footy finals or car races. Nope it usually means the Murrumbateman Moving Feast.

The idea of the moving feast is simple. Those vineyards that usually do not offer meals have a weekend where they can offer one main and one dessert. These they match with a sample of their wines.

Some places do have the idea down well.
McKellar Ridge vineyard do a beef and wine pie that has some of their wine in it. Serve with a little salad, a glass of their Cabernet Sauvignon, and you get the idea.

Our first stop was to Yass, however after stopping to go to use the toilets, the Sub-Zero refused to start. The NRMA people said it was a dead battery (well it was 3 1/2 years old). After a 2 hour wait for a new battery to be put in, and a quick visit to the local op-shops, we set off for the moving feast.

However before we got there, we drove past this farm. We had to turn around and take this photo.

Torchwood Yass, i can hardly wait for the new season of Torchwood to start. Torchwood London, Torchwood Cardif, Torchwood Scotland, and now Torchwood Yass.

Our first visit was to
Mundoonen Winery to try their offering. It was Charcoal Grilled Lamb, served with a salad that had a Mundoonen Shiraz Vincotto Dressing. This was matched with their Shiraz, however while waiting for our meals i sampled all their wines and decided to have their Rose instead.

Our next stop was to the
Yarrh winery. We were not planning on stopping, but as we had to drive past it, and the Sub-Zero just wanted to go that way. We sampled their wines, but as their food all was Beef or Cheese, we did not have any there.

While tasting his wines the winemaker said he chose the name Yarrh as that was the original name for the region. He also said that he may do something special for next years
Talk Like A Pirate Day.

We pressed on to Yass Valley wines. They were offering a Rabbit and Chicken Ragu (matched with their 2008 Barbera) and for desert a Chilli Chocolate Cake matched with their 2009 Traminer.

I am sorry, but i forgot photos of the food, but i was so impressed by their Barbera, that l left with a bottle of it.

Just next door to Yass Valley wine is
Clonakilla. They have been getting rave reviews for their wines, so we paid them a visit too. I hate to say it, but after tasting their Shiraz Viognier 2009, i left their vineyard much poorer in cash, but carrying four bottles of their wine.

It was getting late by this stage, so our final stop was at
Doonkuna Estate. They had finished serving food for the day but we were still able to try their wines. As there was only us and one other couple there, the manager took us out back and showed us the production shed (silly me, apart from a photo at the tasting bar, i forgot photos again). He also showed us the changes he was planning, including a Restaurant, and a Micro Brewery doing english style beers. I think we will be going back in a few months to check out the changes, so stay tuned for updates.

After this we headed home, and polished off another of our $2 bottles of wine.

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