Saturday, September 25, 2010

Whiskey live 2010 pt 2

We arrived at Randwick racecourse shortly after Whiskey live opened.

Usually i have a saying, "when confronted with a choice of two evils, choose the one you have not tried before".

On this night, that gave me a problem. I was going to try and sample all the whiskey there, that i had not tried before.

A little while later I realised that i set myself an ill fated goal. It would not be possible to try and taste all the whiskeys there that i had not tasted before.

I set myself this goal before i realised the sheer number of whiskies that would be available, however, I gave this goal a valiant effort, but was overcome by the sheer numbers of whiskeys there.

I was faced with a challenge that not even Don Quixote would accept.

I had a little break while doing a masterclass on the effects of Oak, only to be confronted by more whiskies back in the main hall.

By this stage the night got a little hazie, so i will finish by saying it was a wonderful night.

And i am waiting with a baited breath for whiskey live 2011.

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