Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hot pies at the footy.

It is possible to have a hot pie at the footy and not have to sell your first born child in the process. It is real easy, you take it yourself.

Recently, my father went away for a holiday, and he passed on his Raiders season tickets to me. So Taph and I went to the footy.

We took a couple of pies with us. We cooked them in the oven until they were nice and hot, wrapped them in foil, then in a couple of towels, and then put them in an insulated bag.

The guards at the footy usually don’t care about what food you bring, unless it is yummy, in which case they joke about wanting some. This is because they are usually checking for people trying to smuggle in alcohol.
So at half time, our pies were still warmer then the ones we would have gotten from the surly teenagers working at the food stalls at the footy.

And even better, the Raiders won the game.

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  1. yes!! I take my own pies to the footy too! Aladdin (i think) have a foody thermos - it has a removable divider bit, and if you take it out the space is EXACTLY the same as a four n twenty! (coincidence - i think not!)
    I usually put some boiling water in for a while to heat the 'thermos', then dry it, wrap my pie in greaseproof paper, screw on the lid and hi-ho off we go =)