Sunday, July 18, 2010

Free range money, the final post

The end of the finical year wizzed past me, and my Free Range Money Challenge finished.
I have been so caught up with some other things, so it was only tonight before I could do a final count on the cans in the back yard.
How did I go I hear you all asking?
Well I was able to save myself $93.50 in petrol dockets found.
I found $8.40 in various places. Most of it was in 5c, 10c and 20c coins. (it is funny how many people will walk over a 10c coin.)
I was able to return $49.00 in coin deposit shopping trolleys.
And finally I found $47.23 in cans, or if I was living in Adelaide it would have been $472.30.

What did I find out? Apart from this is a lot of hard work, I think my can figure points to the need for a national can deposit system.

Assuming that half the cans counted here were cans I found in the gutter (and the other half were given to me by various friends), and assuming that I would find similar numbers of bottles (I did not count the plastic bottles I found, but it was around the same number of bottles to cans), then these figures show the numbers of un-recycled cans and bottles in my little patch of the world.

And this in a city that is supposed to be the best recycling city in Australia.

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