Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Trip to Sydney.

Taph and i made a recent visit to Sydney.
As we were leaving on the Sunday, we were surprised as we noticed that a Vinnies was open. This we felt this shop was worth a visit. when we went in it got even better as they had a half price end of summer sale.

They also had a advert saying that a number of vinnies would be open and also having this half price, end of summer sale. So we programmed Susan and set of with the goal of visiting as many as we could before closing time.

We did ok, and were able to visit four shops before they closed. My main find, well you will have to wait for the next blog post to see what that is

Taph felt it funny that the last time we were in Sydney we also stumbled onto a stack of vinnies having a half price sale, and this time we stumbled onto some other stores having a half price sale. We are hoping this patten holds on our future visits to Sydney.

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