Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Johnson Challenge update

Taph has to get the best girlfriend award. She was in Salvos in Tuggeranong last week and she picked up a set of Johnson Brothers Regency White. This addition to my collection now gives me a table setting for 15 and i have the following pieces:
  • Dinner plates 27 cm 15
  • Dinner Plates 22 cm 4
  • Side plates 17 cm 17
  • Side plates 18.5cm 4
  • Cereal bowls 17
  • Soup plates 3
  • Soup Touraine 1
  • Saucers 24
  • Tea cups 25
  • Coffee mugs 16
  • Teapot 1
  • Sugar bowl 2
  • Milk jug 1

Of course the search continues for some other bits, like the serving platters etc, but the main search can now be scaled back into a watching brief.

1 comment:

  1. You know I work in a Salvos and see it often will let you know! I am happy to post it to you anytime - from one johnson brothers collector to another (we need to stick together lol lol lol) Lee-ann