Monday, April 27, 2009

Second Hand Sunday

The ACT government gave me a wonderful birthday present. “Second Hand Sunday”. All I had to do was drive around Canberra and collect the presents that people left out for me.

And what a wonderful day it was too. I picked up a number of CDs (and after listening to some of them I can see why they were being given away).
A barrel vacuum cleaner .
A carry tray with some gardening tools

Taph also picked up some stuff too
11 eleven champagne flutes1 Bodum plunger

And we picked up some stuff that we thought other people might be interested in. We got:
A CD rack (for TSS)
A large collection of plastic pots (which I passed on to a friend who I work with).
Two camp stretchers (for Taph’s brother). An antique sewing machine (for Taph’s sewing machine collecting friend)Baby toys for puppies (for Taph’s friend the Westie breeder)
Magazines for Taph’s mum
Golf buggy for transformation into a beach-going oxygen bottle carrier (For a friend who is on oxygen)

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